Terms & Conditions

Property Rental


This Terms & Conditions (T&C’s below) is a contract between Demapal Ltd (We, company, relocation agent) and the client (You, customer, applicant). Paying our invoice, or receiving this T&C’s by email, WhatsApp, or other electronic or in a paper version, and using our services after that automatically mean your acceptance of this T&C’s.

Demapal Ltd is a consulting agency registered at 63 St. Mary Axe, London EC3A 8AA. The most of our services will be performed by third parties, but from our trusted partners. However, when the service is executed by third parties, we do not hold any responsibility, but this is the client is responsible to accept third parties agreement, pay them and build own relationship with them.

These T&Cs are for renting a property in London only. For other services provided by Relocation.London, please seek relevant one by asking us.

The agreement

You and we are agreed the followed. The main subject of the service is to advise you on the process of a property renting in London (or outskirts).

  • Initial consultation
  • Searching the property
  • Negotiating with Estate agency or landlords
  • Arranging video
  • Arranging personal viewings
  • Arranging no more than 5 personal viewings with our attending
  • Collecting and processing and passing your personal information to estate agencies, and to landlords, accounting and other software, solicitors, and any other third party if they are reasonably involved with the renting process. They also can pass your information to another third parties if necessary. More information how we use your personal information you can learn in HERE
  • Assisting of making offers to the landlord
  • Negotiating prices
  • Requesting a Tenancy Agreement
  • Answering your questions regards to the tenancy agreement
  • Explaining and arranging keys exchanging
  • Inventory check in assistance
  • Council Tax arranging
  • Water, electricity, TV licence, broadband and gas (if any) supply account opening assistance
  • Cleaning arranging
  • Furniture buying, moving, or relocation organising
  • Registration with concierge if applicable

The limitation of our services is 20 hours maximum of our time spend on all above.

Once you are moved in the property, and we finalised all utility bills in the contract is terminated.

Our fee

We charge you 10% from the annual renting of the property. 50% payment is non-refundable (even if you cancel all services at any time after payment) initial payment based on requested budget, and after your actual moving you’re obliged to pay outstanding 50%.


You asked us to find a property for £2000.00 per calendar month (PCM). One year is £24000.00. So 10% from that is £2400.00, and you need to make a payment upfront £1200.00. Then we found the flat, but for £2200.00 PCM, then after your move you will need to pay: One year is £26400.00, where 10% is £2640.00, then the initial payment was £1200.00, so £1440.00 is the final bill from us.

Please, note our responsibility is to advise you, and our fee above is for a consulting only. All other cost, like a holding deposit, a deposit, a rental payment, all bills, and legal and other fees are to be paid by you separately.