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Get ready for moving to London from US, Australia, Canada, China, UAE, Germany or France? Looking for moving companies in London?


Are you thinking of moving to London from the US, Australia, Canada, China, UAE, Germany or France? Or other countries in the World? Looking for moving companies in London? We are here to help!

So, it is happened: the idea of moving to London is in your mind. This can be your dream, and you would like to improve your lifestyle, or you have to move as your employer or parents decided to do so. Maybe there are a lot of the reasons stay behind the idea, but the main thing of your success is to know how much you want to enter to the most fascinating journey in your life. London is a special place, and not only in our planet, but in our heart first. London will love you only if you do. Otherwise, think twice about your idea of moving to London.


Relocation is a complex thing. When you are moving to London you are changing nearly everything around you. You have to be prepared for that, especially if you’re coming from abroad. If you have time, please, get to know the list below:

  • Your English. As better, it is as easier will be your moving to London. Listen Radio LBC, and BBC Radio 4. Also read a lot, and find someone in the UK to talk or text to. Book your IELTS exam to understand what is your English level. Once you are in London join as a volunteer to one of charity organisation, like RSPCA, Cancer Research, PDSA, or any other;
  • Read English History. At least a basic stuff, like Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and II, Victoria, Shakespeare, Dickens, Churchill, Thatcher, Nelson, Wellington, Wren, Darwin, Turing, Diana, Charles III;
  • Get familiar with London. Have a look at the borough you would like to move in, use Google Maps to have a virtual walk from your potential area to the supermarket, like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, or Co-op. Find the nearest underground station. Check if there is a parking available, even if you don’t drive, as your guests may do. Parks, and leisure centre, post office. You need to know where they are. Find a night bus, as you may need it when Uber is not available in the nighttime.


Before moving to London you need to draft a plan. If your relocation is a temporary thing, then your plan should cover the whole duration of your stay in London. But if your move is permanent, then at least for 5 years you have to prepare yourself for different pathways in your journey.


London is one of the most expensive cities in the World. You need to prepare yourself for that too. For example, for a couple’s breakeven we are looking for at least £2500.00 per month. For an average, middle-class lifestyle couple income would be £6000.00 – £9000.00 per month. And if you’re planning to live in Belgravia with your partner, you would need at least £15000.00 per month.

Bear in mind, moving to London is a money-consuming process itself, and you require extra funds.


London is probably the most regulated city in the World. Nearly all businesses performing in London falling under licenced regulation. But this is good news, as you can be quite relaxed when you buy services or goods in London. It can be true, everything in the UK done for the people. Relationship between supplier and consumer is under protection, and for both counterparts. Because of that this is great advice to work with companies, rather than with the individuals. In this case you will have kind a double protection. For example, renting a flat is always better via a well-established estate agency, rather than a private landlord, as their reputation is a key factor for the safeness of the business.

Law applies not only for others, but for yourself too. As an example, in London you can’t touch other people. You must pay for a TV licence even if you don’t have a TV. Verbal agreements are existed, but even written once must be fair for consumers. There will be no space for bad intentions, and please don’t move to London with that.


Relocation.London believes that London is the best city in the World. You can say that on specific aspects there are better places on the Planet, but if we make a summary of a Lifestyle, London is absolutely number one. Why is that? Well, because of:

  • London is a special, warm, comfortable, and magical city;
  • It is a home for The Royal Family;
  • In London people speak on 307 languages;
  • London is actually combined 32 villages and one City;
  • The most of the people in London live in town houses;
  • London has more than 250 museums;
  • In London there are more than 200 theatres;
  • London and surrounding areas hold the best set of events, like: Wimbledon, Football Premier League, Royal Ascot, Rugby, Formula 1, Chelsea Flower Show, London Fashion Week.

This list can be endless. But the main advantage in London is the people. London is super multicultural, and opened for all people from around the world regardless their religion, orientation, and so on. We all the same in London, and we are moving to London because we want to contribute our cultural bit to its picture.

The UK is a kind of special club, where its citizens are members and all in care for the club itself. London is our home, and this is our lifestyle. So, again, if you’re moving to London, it is expecting from you to contribute in to our culture, and to London lifestyle. Not only taking advantages from London and its people, but bringing and giving too.

Assimilation is the greatest thing you can do upon your relocation. London is the greatest city not because its beauty happened itself, but because people have been doing so since 43AD. Nearly 2000 years people from around the World moving to London.


Do as much as you can do before moving to London. The biggest step is already done – you are in our website and now, you know that Relocation.London is here to help. This is our useful checklist.

  • Save as much money as you can. London is expensive, and you need extra money especially when you are relocating;
  • See your family and friends before moving to London, as you don’t know when you will see them again;
  • Take only necessary items with you, as London has everything you need;
  • If you need a visa, find the local immigration lawyer / solicitor, and check if they OISC registered;
  • Have a look on London’s property on and, and maybe on for the shorter rent. And if you can organise your property before moving to London. We can help you;
  • Find a driving instructor if your driving licence only valid for one year in the UK, or if you can exchange it to the UK one, find information how to do it;
  • If your first language is not English, maybe it is a good idea to explore the local community from the same background you are. For example, if you are from China, there is a China Town in London, with shops and restaurants in there;
  • If you have children, arrange a school for them, included club activities;
  • If you need a work, or relocation of your business, plan this in advance too.


It is very handy if you have at lest someone in London. Because moving to London will take your family and friends away from you, and this can be quite challenging. Even if you’re moving with close family, you will miss your previous habitat. But don’t worry. You will regain this kind of relationship soon.

Go online and find a new, your first London’s friend. You will be surprised how friendly British people are. Upon your arrival, go to a pub and make some friends. Talk to your neighbours. Emphasise your social life by engaging yourself as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to talk to the people, even if you are not so confident. Just relax and enjoy people’s company.


The majority of activities connected to moving to London, normally are happening during the first two months, and the first is the busiest one. Of course the main task is to be safe in your property, so if you still didn’t sort it out, there is the first in the row. Once you are under your roof, then it is time to realise your plan in full. Some ideas are below.

  • Writing down your new London’s address, include a Post Code;
  • Organise in your flat: Council Tax, TV Licence, Gas, Electricity, Heat, Water and Broadband (internet). All must be attached to your new address;
  • Register with your nearest General Practitioner or just “GP”;
  • Get know where is the nearest Accident & Emergency Unit;
  • Explore your local area by walk. Find a Police station, Post Office, Library, supermarket eg;
  • Open a UK bank account with one of the mainstream high-street banks, like HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds;
  • Get your National Insurance (NIN) number;
  • Get your National Health Service (NHS) number;
  • Write your will.

This list is only a small part of what you need to do when you’re moving to London. And it can be varied in each individual case. London is so magnetic for the young and ambitious and talented people.


Well, finally your moving to London is now taking place, so please, do enjoy as much as you can. London is an impressive place to live. Go to see the Big Ben, National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London. Visit the British Museum and buy tickets to the Royal Opera House.

View of the House of Parliament and Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower) in London via River Thames. Two touristic boats on the Thames. Cloudy coloured London's sky. Getting dark.

Moving to London will bring you into the special world, where you can enjoy your life every single day. Welcome to London our dear friend!

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