Education advice in London

Education advice in London. Schools, universities, and short courses included language and summer academics.

Relocating to London and the UK takes careful planning, especially for parents with children. Finding the right path for your child through school and into university is something that should be done with careful planning and support from local experts who have deep knowledge about education, preparation for careers, the world of work and jobs.

That’s where Relocate London comes in! Our education advisor, Dr Patrick Fullick, has many years of experience as an academic at Russell Group universities, including Oxbridge, and deep knowledge of how the right choice of school and university, including GCSE, A-level and university courses combine to form an educational journey that prepare students for a fulfilling and rewarding personal and professional life.

Entry to the best schools, universities and companies is intensely competitive in the world today. Very often, internships and work-experience are also needed for success. Not only that, every child is different (even within the same family), so support for learning differences associated with dyslexia and ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) is something that may need to be considered. This is where expert diagnosis comes into, and where Dr Fullick can advise based on his vast network of expert contacts in the world of education.

Relocating to the UK to take advantage of the world-class education available in schools and universities here is a great decision. Make sure that you get the best advice possible to support your decision!

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